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Anal Lubricants

Brand: Me You Us
Me You Us Light Lightening Cream 50mlThis lightening cream from Me You Us is designed to brighten up any dull or discoloured spots on your skin that may have arisen from long-standing sexual activity or other harmful factors such as sun rays. It will leave your skin looking brighter and more youthfu..
£6 £7
Brand: Lubido
Exploration has never been easier or more comfortable with this slick and thick anal lube. Aloe infused to soothe, antifungal properties to warn off harmful bacteria and a special ingredient for its pleasure enhancing capabilities, all formulate to make this anal lube a powerhouse not to be reckone..
£8 £9
Nexus Anal Gel 50ml
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Brand: Nexus
Water-based formulation.Increased comfort during anal play and intercourse.Slight cooling effect.Suitable for use with latex condoms.For all skin types.Vegan.The Nexus Anal Relax Gel is an intimate water-based lubricant with a light cooling effect that provides ultimate relaxation and more pleasure ..
£10 £14
Brand: ID Lube
Silicone based lubricant in 4 x 8 mls application tube Thick texure and has extract of clove which is a natural muscle relaxant...
£11 £13
With a higher concentration of ingredients for maximum comfort and pleasure, Pjur Back Door Glide has been specially formulated for anal play.This anal lubricant has a silicone base and the extra long-lasting formulation promises extended pleasure. Jojoba encourages your body to relax during anal pl..
£11 £12
Skins Anal Hybrid Silicone And Waterbased Lubricant 130ml
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When it comes to back-door adventures there's no such thing as too much lube. With no lubrication of its own, this area calls for a slightly thicker and more slippery lube. Enter Skins Anal for fabulously friction-free fun. Skins Anal is a hybrid lube combining the natural look and feel of a water-b..
£12 £14
This relaxation spray is more highly concentrated than our Pjur analyse me! Anal Comfort spray and therefore suitable for particularly intensive anal sex. The active ingredients panthenol and aloe help make the skin and tissue more elastic, which can counteract oversensitivity, making this spray sui..
£15 £18
Brand: ID Lube
Silicone based lubricant in a 2.2floz, 65mls dispenser Thick texure and has extract of clove which is a natural muscle relaxant...
£18 £21
Brand: Prowler
Prowler Red Fisting Butter is a personal lubricant for anal or penile application, it moisturises and smoothes the skin to enhance his sensual experience.Contains no perfume.Directions for use, apply as much butter as you want on the body parts you want and repeat as often as you like. Before using ..
£20 £22
Jizz Scented Lubricant 250mls Jizz Scented Lubricant 250mls
Out Of Stock
A water based lubricant that resembles the look, feel, and scent of authentic cum! It is white, creamy, and musky…just like the real thing. Non staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily. Now you can have jizz in a bottle, whenever, wherever you need it!..
£25 £29
Intimate Earth Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone 120ml
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Intimate Earth wants women and men to take intimacy to the highest level. What better way to accomplish this than to experience a G-Spot Orgasm together? The Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone is perfect for intimate anal sex and contains a blend of organic extracts and organic Japanese peppermint oil blen..
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